Mobile Apps – Making Your Umrah/Hajj Journey Easier

Making Your Umrah and Hajj Journey Easier

Technology has made progress by taking a leap of faith, something that seemed unbelievable, and now to imagine living without it? Impossible!

Especially when you make travel arrangements, beforehand you search for the information that will come handy during your trip. Most of your travelling decisions rely on your primary research, right? When it’s time to plan for Umrah, you read all books, details, go through the stories that elders told you about their experiences, but now times have changed.

Experiencing a spiritual journey is a feat on its own, a remarkable time that is memorable no matter how old you get. After you have saved up enough money to buy an Umrah package, you still worry about how you are going to make it that far.

Relax. Breathe. Take a calm Breath:

Umrah and Hajj, both are the sacred journeys a Muslim wants to experience even at least once in their lifetime. To immerse yourself in the act of God, is what it is all about and who doesn’t want to enter the majestic Arab land?

But sometimes like any other regular journey it may happen that your journey goes downhill because you got lost somehow or got sick. However, it is true, some apps can be a lot of help during crucial times, and hence mobile apps will save your day!

So, playing a huge role now it is extremely convenient to use apps that are actually basic guidelines and accommodate you throughout your travelling experience. You can easily pick places to shop, eat and so much more. These apps are great and let you prepare for the day;

  • WeSalam App

It’s a basic helping guide for Hajj and Umrah. If you are planning to travel for either Umrah or Hajj, then this is the best app to download. 

A more than thorough review of the Hajj and Umrah guide is available like Tawaf, tools and other Quranic Verses are set up on this app. It even shows the direction of Qibla, making it far easier for the pilgrim to find direction instead of asking around. With a mini version installed, you can recite the Quran via the app, and perhaps is the secure way as well to carry the Quran with you (in the mobile app!). Whether you carry an android or iOS, it is workable on both. 

  • Hajj and Umrah 

This app, unfortunately, is available only on android mobile phones but do not be disappointed. Extra care of guidance is what you need, so a step by step guide will help you during your holy journey. 

There’s an entire self-explanatory video about Hajj and also share details of the places where dua’s are considered to be of utter importance. This app also facilitates the weather feature around the clock, so you remain well aware of the weather forecasts. The currency converter is the bonus feature of the app.  You can calculate your expenses without any problems. 

  • Euro Africa Travel Ltd- Guidance Umrah and Hajj

Another favorite app for all the Muslim pilgrims because of the sustainability it shows towards the prayer obligations. 

Audio dua’s are available so when you perform Tawaf and Sa’i you don’t have to worry about recalling the dua’s (in case you forget). With the help of this app, you can recite the Quran in the sequence as you perform the rituals and ziyarats.

Moreover, using these apps also makes you habitual of memorizing the dua’s and makes you aware of the prayers flip you heavily with the knowledge. The best part is both android and iOS users can download it with ease. 

  • Rehnuma-e-Hajj 

Suitable for Android and iOS users, you can use this app to prevent any mishap while performing Umrah or Hajj obligations thanks to the relevant data and the information pre-installed before a user can utilize the app. 

It even features the map so you can find the location of your group fellow and find your way to the tent. Many pilgrims had benefited from this app while they stay in Mina. 

Rehnuma itself means “the guide” and guess what it doesn’t need any internet connection either, so you are good to go without any data. 

  • Divine connect 

On your time in Arafat, you can make use of this app and listen to the Khutbah while you stand at the top of Mount Arafat. 

The pilgrims can listen to live broadcasts even if they are not present in Arafat. The feed goes live from the An-Namirah Mosque in Arabic and is also translated into five languages such as English, Urdu, Malay, French, and Persian. 

If you are looking for the best possible solution throughout your Umrah or Hajj travelling, this is the app to guide your way throughout every ritual. It is, therefore, the best translation app and convenient for most users. 

  • Pocket Umrah 

As the name suggests, it’s another of the basic guideline providing app. You can entertain yourself with the righteous knowledge of the Hajj and Umrah process so you can avoid any of the miscalculated errors. 

Time zone difference can be really tough for many, so with the right timing, azan prayer notifications are activated so you do not miss any prayer. It’s easy to use and exclusively prepares the pilgrim for the Umrah journey with the ease to download and it doesn’t consume excessive battery life of your smartphone either. 

Who says technology isn’t helpful?

To make the right choice, you have to make up your mind in a positive way. 

Technology isn’t the ordeal sin that some people say, rather how we use it matters the most. Even for spiritual journeys, you can use technology to make sure you can have a better experience then people before you could ever have. 

Travel with Euro Africa Travel for the right budget for the Umrah Package and make the most out of it. Even if you want to travel solo, without the help of any travel agency it’s the right way to facilitate your journey.