Take a Note From the Advisory: Travel Somalia Safe and Sound 

Travelling has its challenges you need to perceive beforehand. To not be surprised at the last moment, it is necessary to make sure you have planned your trip properly. 

To be honest, travelling is a lot like a game of chess, you never know what will happen next and how the trip might end regardless of how interesting it has been in the beginning. Nevertheless, there’s a mystical charm in travelling to foreign lands. Travel agencies make it a lot easier to travel abroad, while some are looting much of cash, some are genuinely involved to make your trip successful like Euro Africa Travel. 

The decision is always yours, wherever you want to travel, but do choose a destination that needs to be explored. 

“Wherever you go, go with our heart and no regrets!”

Enter the world of Somalia:

Africa, a well-known continent, has been surprised in its midst. The world-famous Sahara desert, exotic wildlife safari adventures in Madagascar and whatnot, it’s a true adventure you need to live at its full. One of the gems of the countries is Somalia. 

What springs into your mind when you think of it? Nothing or some bloody historical civic wars? Long gone are the times when the place was rather unstable for its war infused history. Now people are approaching the country for travelling purposes. If you really want to travel to Somalia, you can book a cheap flight to Mogadishu and enjoy your travel itineraries with us. 

Northern districts of the Republic of Somaliland are a considerable beauty. True, there are countries more beautiful than Somalia, but with its unique character, you need to open your mind to think about travelling here. 

Some words of precaution to digest when you think to travel:

A modern-day Somalia is ruled under the Islamic sultanate, so do not be surprised when you find prayers (azan) on the loudspeakers five times a day. With a handful of attractions, it’s a worthy experience you do not want to miss. Let say, how would you feel if you miss the gorgeous coral reef, or the exquisite Somalian Neolithic art and caves and well you get the idea.  

 Just remember; when you travel to this country, there are certain things you need to take into account so that you are not shortsighted during your travelling adventure.

  • Be Vigilant:

Travelling always requires some set of standard precautions to take, with long war history, people are usually hesitant to travel to Somalia. But if you do visit Berbera or Hargeisa, you will see for yourself that things might have been exaggerated by media forums. But yes, before you do travel to any country do have a lookout for local and international media to avoid any catastrophic incident that might otherwise ruin your travelling expedition. Be a vigilant traveler and take every live feed into account. 

  • Beware of Theft:

This is a common problem that every tourist has to suffer every once in a while. Pickpockets are everywhere especially in public attraction areas where a sea of people fills every inch of space. When you do take a look around, you will have armed militia throughout major cities and such but that’s just the way how things are in Somalia. 

You need to keep a piece of minimum luggage with a stash of cash divided into different compartments of your luggage, so that in case if anything is stolen you may recover the rest. 

  • Local Travelling:

You will find taxis and bus schedules at major cities like Mogadishu, so you better take an eyeful view of the charts. Ironically, the bus schedules vary, sometimes you have to wait for hours and sometimes the bus is on the schedule but because the area is not overpopulated find a vehicle is easier.

 On your travelling adventure, you might come to view British government officials on their fast-moving high alert vehicles with armed bodyguards (no need to worry) that are a usual protocol.

  • Visa and Documents:

Remember to make sure your visa has a validity of at least 6 months or more. When you land on a cheap flight to Mogadishu, you can get a single entry visa for a month. Travelling via a travel agency lets you harbor the deal and you do not have to worry about the travel arrangements. 

If you are however unclear about any aspects regarding your travelling you are free to contact us in detail. Besides visa, do take care of your travel documents (with recent information). 

  • Vaccinations:

Medical certification is compulsory (as it is in most countries) and when you plan to travel; you need to cover every medical aspect as well. It is highly recommended to check on the country-specific health advice, at least 8 weeks before your trip is due. 

If you do wish to have a brief detail, it’s a good measure to visit the NHS website for recommended travel vaccinations or to follow a travel health checklist. 

  • Pack Light:

Somalia has a high temperature and is prone to varied climate. There’s no point in packing heavy luggage. You need to set for lighter and loose fitting clothes. Do pack a jacket, however, and pick the clothing items that are not revealing in public. 

Being an Islamic dominated country, you might be aware any excess of skin display can work against you so wearing modest clothes is the best possible solution. Besides that, why not pack some good sunscreen and a sun hat? Take an umbrella too, and classy shades to protect your eyes from excessive sun rays. 

Travelling is a jovial joy to have at least once in a lifetime. What’s better than a safe travelling?


Somalia is a wonderfully unexpected land. Regardless of the political conditions or history, this country has survived through a great ordeal. Travel here, so that you can make your own scrapbook full of colorful experiences. Travelling safely should be a priority so always have safe travels and remember to be cautious while spinning in fun.