Beginner’s Guide 101: What to Pack for Umrah?

What is your dream journey?

Beginner’s Guide 101: What to Pack for Umrah?

For some, it is visiting the Caribbean Islands or the Eiffel tower in Paris, or to take a bird’s eye view of the Toronto city from CN Tower. But some always follow their spiritual needs before anything else. 

Each community has its culture, traditions, and faith they follow. A community based on belief (faith) thrives because of it. And of course, with certain beliefs, certain rights and duties come along. The need, urge, is so strong to follow and perform the duties that it’s hard to ignore it. If you want to travel then why not go on a spiritual journey?

Umrah asks you to come forward

Every person follows a particular religion. One thing common in all religions is the need of an embankment via spiritual journey. Either you are a Jew, Christian or a Muslim, each has their own beliefs to follow, holy places to visit and so on. Being a Muslim there are two most prominent Holy lands to visit; Mecca and Medina. 

Euro Africa Travel initiates Umrah packages for the pilgrims to visit the Arabian land with ease and comfort without any delay. Understandably, such traveling can be costly, but with nominal charges, you will not have a single thing to worry about.  

It’s a dream for every Muslim to perform Umrah (at the very least once in a lifetime). For a spiritual need, to come over the stage of depression or even to ask forgiveness, etc. there can be any reason to travel to Holy lands.

How to prepare for the Umrah journey?

Whether you are planning to travel for Hajj or Umrah, remember to go via a travel agency with the best cheap Umrah packages so you are not robbed off your money. Besides taking care of your travel itineraries, you have a piece of entire luggage to pack. 

But what to pack? How much to pack? It is a really tough decision to make; what to take and what to leave behind. So to help you out down below is a prepared list of things you will possibly require to pack;

  • Clothing

Okay, so the most basic item of clothing you need to pack is Ihram. For men, it’s a two-piece white cloth and for women, they have to wear a gown (foot length), cover their head properly with a scarf. Pilgrims do not only bring ihram but also they need to pack light clothes. 

Remember Saudi Arabia has a warm to a hot climate. Especially if you plan to perform Umrah in summer, it’s going to be rather hotter so you will need light clothes that airy. Even winters are mildly warm so at night you might need a light jacket otherwise you are good to go. 

  • Toiletries 

You can never risk this part when packing your luggage. Make a separate toiletry bag, lightweight and easy to fit inside the main luggage. Make a checklist of every item you pack into the bag; liquids. Gels, creams and paste, sanitizer, shampoos, hair conditioner, etc. but while you pack your toiletries make sure that you go for medical ones rather than cosmetics one.

 Reason? You are not supposed to pack anything scented. As per the religious rule, for Umrah and the hajj journey, a pilgrim is forbidden to use scented items. Always pack an extra toothbrush alongside floss and mouthwash. Also do not forget to add hair bands as well as bobby pins. 

  • First aid kit

During traveling you may get sick, or injured. It’s a precaution you need to take and a smart one too. Prepare an emergency first aid kid with potential painkillers, thermometer, allergy medication, sunburn relief, multivitamins (which are extremely important), motion sickness pills and so on. Also, add gauze and scissors in the first aid kit. 

During your pilgrim, you may need to use any of these. To prepare for a safe journey wherever you go, a first aid kit must be packed with essential items. 

  • Documents

Once you are done with the heavy packing, make a document folder, the reason to prepare a separate folder is that your documents will be secured. Your ID, passport, airline ticket must be in your carry bag the one that you will personally carry, alongside the hotel booking receipt (although Euro Africa Agents will make sure of everything). 

Also keep your medical certificate or any vaccination certificate, because they ask for it at the airport. 

Remember, to keep copies of your documents and extra passport size pictures as well. on a smart not, keep a screenshot of your documents in your smartphones as well (in case you lose any of the documents you will have a copy in your mobile phone).

  • Shoes

Comfortable walking shoes are one of the major essential items to pack for your Umrah journey. You have to do a lot of walking, so it’s best if you wear comfortable footwear with a thick sole. The land is hard and dry so it’s a smart thing to wear a shoe that is not fancy. Avoid packing any heels or sandals. That is a BAD idea. 

One precaution to remember is getting a new pair of shoes, but do use them for a little beforehand. Why? Walking in new footwear can actually cause bruises or any injury because they haven’t been used before. So on a daily regime use them and make sure they are comfortable for long-term walking.  You do have to keep a light slipper for offering ablution or when you have to take a break. After all, you can’t cage in your feet for an entire day. While you pack your shoes pack double pair of socks as well. 

  • Cash 

Although you have the facility of currency exchange at the airports it’s wise to have cash in advance. Keep a good amount change but never in the same place to avoid any mishap. Keep some in the inner pockets of your main luggage and some in waist pouch (in case you have to use it).

Dividing stash of cash is perhaps, wise, also if your debit card doesn’t work for some reason, you will not have to worry needlessly. 

  • Eatables 

Even though you can easily buy food from the market, or the hotel you are staying at includes the services, for your long day rituals, you should keep some eatables with you at all times. Especially in the case, if you are a diabetic, you will need sustenance to maintain your sugar levels and vice versa. 

It’s good to have healthy alternatives in case you are far from any marketplace at the moment. Keep nutrition bars, dry fruits, dates (best energizers) and a small jar of organic honey is as good as preventive medicine. 

  • Water bottles

You may think of why you should pack everything? Because you have a lot of walking to do, keep a pair of water bottles with you. You can buy water bottles that can be refilled. Avoid plastic or disposable water bottles (it’s useless), to sustain throughout the entire day, every member of the group should carry their own water bottles. 

Use the water bottles to beat the scorching heat. Oh and one more thing! Do bring extra bottles for Zam Zam (holy water) to bring it back home with you. You will need extra bottles so keep a separate stash of bottles for Zam Zam water. 

Did you think you had enough? Always double check!

It’s the last minute precautionary step to deduce. Even if you pack every essential item, you just get a hunch that something is still missing, well to avoid that intuition, make a checklist, and double-check every item a day before leaving. Don’t forget to add name tags, and you are good to go. Umrah is a healthy and willful journey for Muslims.

Let’s hope everyone gets a chance for it.