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Travel guide:

Mogadishu is the capital and most populous city of Somalia with the population of approximately 2,425,000. During Somalian civil war, this city was the major battleground until the war was officially ended in 1991 since then Mogadishu is trying to reconstruct the city. The international airport, paved roads, new hotels, embassies, reopening of universities and schools, port of Mogadishu and Mogadishu stadium is a proof of its development.

Though this city is suffering from security threats, still people are visiting it for different purposes. According to a survey report, in 2014 there were 439,879 domestic and international passengers at the airport and there was an increase of 319,925 passengers from the previous year. It has become home to a number of scholastic and media institution.

Once you step off your cheap flights to Mogadishu you can enjoy Gezira and Liido beaches, different local foods, the hospitality of natives and you can get a heap of information using the international library.It is a perfect place for spending weekends with friends and family at Liido or Gezira beaches.

The weather like in Mogadishu?

Mogadishu has a dry semi-arid climate which means it has low rainfall every year. The average temperature is more than 18°C. The average annual temperature is 27.0°C.The average rainfall is 466 ­mm in a year and wettest weather occurs from May through August. January is the month with the lowest precipitation with an average of 1 mm. The most precipitation falls in June with an average of 80 mm. April is the hottest month of the year with an average temperature of 29.0°C while July has the lowest average temperature of 25.8°C. This city has a dry and hot climate.

What is the best time to fly to Mogadishu?

(Peak season):

The best time to visit Mogadishu in January when neither the temperature nor the crowd is overwhelming. In addition, you can book a cheap flight to Mogadishu due to fewer people traveling there.

(Off season):

April is the hottest month of the year. So, it is not a suitable time to visit Mogadishu.

Best time to book flight to Mogadishu:

According to a survey report 'Friday' is the best time to book for Mogadishu due to cheapest flight rates.

Flight duration:

Mogadishu is approximately 6,960 kilometers distant from London. It takes approximately 10 hours and 24 minutes to reach Mogadishu. Further, there are very few non-stop flights from London to Mogadishu. That's why you need to take connecting flights.


Aden Abdulle International airport is serving Mogadishu since 1928. It is serving as the main military airport for Italian Somaliland. It started civilian and commercial flights in the middle 1930's. Asmara-Assab-Mogadishu commercial route is one of them. It was started in 1935.This airport offers flights to other Somali cities including Baido, Galkayo, Berbera and Hargeisa. It also offers flights to international destinations such as Djibouti, Jeddah and Istanbul.

Getting to and around the city of Mogadishu:

There are several ways for getting into the city such as by air, by road, by boat but driving into the city by truck could be very risky due to security issues. Arriving by boat could also be risky because there is a chance of being attacked by pirates. It is best to enter the city by air. Because it would provide you safe and sound journey towards Mogadishu.

Attractions in Mogadishu:

Mogadishu is called white pearl of Indian Ocean and consists of mosques, monuments, museums, libraries, theatres, markets, institutes and hotels.

  1. Liido and Gezira Beach - are the most beautiful places of Somalia and perfect places to go with friends and families to have fun. Liido Beach is the heart of Mogadishu and a symbol of city's comeback. Geizira Beach is another attraction of Mogadishu city after Liido beach. It is one of the most impressive beaches of the world. It is playing a greater role in restoring local tourism and the Economy of Mogadishu because of returning of hotels, restaurants and boat riding. These beaches are attracting thousands of people to relax on weekends. Natives are very welcoming for the tourists due to relative isolation.
  2. Animal Market - The beach also offers a chance to the foreigners to see the Animal Market in Gezira where camels, cows, goat and sheep are sold. Further, the salt mining process is also located here.
  3. Restaurants - There are restaurants in great number providing plenty of foods including The Village Restaurant, Liido Seafood, Somali Foods, Moonlight Hotel and Restaurant, Spaghetti House, Macquul Fast Food, Al Nasri Restuarant, African Restuarant, Giyaajo Hotel and Restaurant, Fatxi restaurant and BIlan Fast Food where you can have whatever tickles your taste buds.
  4. Mosques - Place of worship includes Arba’s Rukun Mosque. It is one of the oldest places to worship. Secondly, there is the Mosque of Islamic Solidarity. It is the main and an iconic building. It is the single largest mosque with a capacity of approximately 10,000 worshippers in the Horn of Africa. It also has cathedral namely The Mogadishu Cathedral which was built in 1928.
  5. National Library - of Somalia was established in 1975. It held approximately 7,000 books in 1983 consist of historical and cultural archival material. It was closed down in the 1990s and Heritage Institute for Policy Studies restocked the library with 22,000 from the United States in June 2013.
  6. National Museum of Somalia was established after independence in 1960 and moved in 1985 and converted to the regional museum. It holds many culturally important artifacts including bartering tools, ancient weaponry, old coins, pottery items and traditional artwork.
  7. The Tomb - of the Unknown Soldier was built in dedication to the services of an unknown soldier and also for common soldiers who died in any war.


Bakaara market was established in 1972.It is the largest and open market in Mogadishu. It is used by hundreds of proprietors who sell daily essentials such as maize, beans, sorghum, sesame, wheat and rice, petrol and medicine.

This market is also famous for illicit activities including forging of passports and other documents such as university diplomas and birth certificates. 


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