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    Journey to the heart of islam

Hajj Guide

Prior to going for Hajj, please read as many books as one can. However, if you need to know more, please do contact us and we will endeavour to assist you.

You MUST take Meningitis Injections from your GP.

Contact Numbers

Once you have booked your Hajj or Umrah Package with us, we seek your permission to give your mobile numbers to other pilgrims so that if one needs to, others pilgrim can contact you. It is quite important to have some contact prior to the departure. This is only if one wants to. We are here to guide you; however, if you wish not to, this is entirely your choice.

Departure (London Heathrow)

Please ensure when you are at the airport, stay at one place until an agent from Euro Africa Travel arrives and all the pilgrims are together to avoid inconvenience. Plus all the pilgrims would be introduced in order to familiarise themselves. We will advise you of a designated meeting area at the airport prior to your flight date.

Wearing Ihram

Before wearing the ihram, it is sunnah to trim one's nails, remove unwanted hair and make ghusl. If ghusl is not possible then wudu will be sufficient. Wearing of ihram should be done before entering meeqat. One piece of ihram is tied around the waist and the other thrown over the shoulders. Underwear, head covering (for males), shoes, socks are not permitted. Beach thongs or similar footwear that does not cover the arch of the foot (above the toes) and ankles are permissible. Make the niyyah (intention) of Umrah, and recite the talbiyah thrice (Loudly for males, and softly for females).

Arrival at Jeddah Airport (Saudi Arabia)

When you arrive in Jeddah, after the Passport control, please wait for the entire group to be together so that everyone goes out together. Please ensure that you have your passport and other paperwork before leaving the airport. Ask the Euro Africa Travel Representative to give you your passports etc at the airport.

Jeddah to Makkah Mukarama

Your journey from Jeddah airport to the accommodation INSHALLAH would be a pleasant journey. We will offer you some refreshments. Please make sure that your entire luggage is on the transport. Please show some patience as sometimes things may not seem as they should be. Please recite Darood and other duaain all the way to your accommodation. When you have your room bookings at your destination, make sure that all the group exchange their room numbers amongst the groups/pilgrims in order that if someone wants to get in touch, it would be easier to do so.

If you are able to, please purchase a Saudi SIM as the rooming in Saudi Arabia is quite expensive. The cost of a Saudi SIM is approximately 20 Riyals. Please give each other your new SIM Number. This would be convenient should someone wish to keep in touch with the other pilgrims.