Legal Formalities to Get Hajj Visa

Hajj is the dream travel for every Muslim in the world. After looking its importance among Muslims and their religion, we see large number information about hajj and its smooth travel. Many of the local and international companies are offering the cheapest hajj packages to assist the pilgrim. The hajj travel has some unique legal formalities to get visa from Saudi Government. Some of them are documental formalities and some are security formalities only to make hajj process hassle free for Muslims. The Hajj is one of the highest level worships in Islam that has its own charms. If you are applying for Hajj visa, you must understand and fulfill all these formalities for hassle free visa getting. You must also understand that all these legal formalities are recent formalities. They can be changed as per government needs and according to security situation of the country. Following are some of the most important legal formalities that you need to fulfill to get visa from Saudi Embassy:

Hajj Documents

You hajj documents to travel to Saudi Arabia are visa and passport. You must have a valid passport to get visa approved by your government. Your local travel agency can support you in getting passport. You must prepare your documents along with your passport to apply for visa from Saudi Government. Many of the top rated travel agencies fulfill this document process without any problem to ensure the smooth and secure travel of their pilgrim. Your travel agency must provide assistant in your document preparations instead of charging cost for every single step they take to prepare your hajj documents.

Muslim Certificate

Hajj is the only worship for the Muslims. If you want to perform hajj you must be a Muslim. Saudi government will never issue visa to the any none Muslim for the performance of hajj. When you apply for visa, the Saudi Government will verify your birth and Muslim hood from your local committee. Normally a certificate is issued from this society as a proof that the person applying for visa is a Muslim.

Recommended Vaccines

Every year the Saudi Government issues a list of required vaccines to inject before leaving for hajj for every person who is applying for it. You must get the certificate of your vaccines to attach to the documents. These vaccines vary as per atmosphere and many other grounds. Your health is important for Saudi Government. Therefore such vaccines are recommended to inject. The atmosphere of the country is severing hot and the heat stroke is the common problem for a pilgrim in Saudi Arabia. Some of these vaccines are to protect you from this severe problem. This is the gathering of millions of the people at one place. That’s why; some initial but essential steps should be taken to be safe and secure during hajj. Different people bring different things in the country along with their diseases as well. You must also take some steps to avoid such diseases as well.