The Hajj Arrangements by Authorities in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the country that makes arrangements for the world’s biggest movement of the people within country. Saudi Arabia hosts more than 3.5 million people every in Makkah and Madinah for the performance of Hajj. Different travel agencies of the world also focus on Hajj services in those days. All the other travel operations get fade because of such arrangements and preparations. The travel agencies redesign all of their packages to offer some cheap hajj packages 2016 to their customers. The travel agencies know that this is not a fun of entertaining trip to Saudi Arabia. This is the serious nature of trip that requires the best possible arrangements that could make their trip hassle free in the short budget. This is not only a big challenge for authorizes but also for the travel agencies providing cheap services to their customers.

Hajj Services by Saudi Authorities

Saudi Government is always busy in providing good hajj services to the every pilgrim visiting the country. Saudi Arabia is under the severe criticism for last couple years for the poor hajj arrangements by different countries of the world. The rush and crane incident in the last couple of years raised too many fingers on the hajj arrangements. Many people died in the Saudi Arabia in these two incidents. Looking all of these things, the Saudi Arabia is under pressure to make some sudden changes in arrangements and the authorities. Much of the construction work is under operation for last couple of months to control the whole crowed visiting Saudi Arabia for hajj purpose. Controlling the smooth flow of traffic is the big challenge for authorities in Hajj days. You will find massive movements of the people in Makkah, Madinah and Jeddah. The authorities at Saudi Arabia plan this movement in the perfect ways so that any unpleasant incident should not occur during this period of time.

The private car owners are also provided special permits to carry the pilgrims from one place to another for rent. This is the very big opportunity for locals to earn some handsome amounts. The local transportations and the trains are also given some special tasks to control this huge movement with the ease and comfort. The Metro train launched by Saudi Authorities to assist the smooth movement between Mina and Makkah is one of the biggest steps taken by the government. The huge distance between Mina and Makkah is covered in a very short period of time through this train. Many of the other projects are under operation for the smooth flow of the traffic in the hajj days. The perfect expansion near Kabah is being taken to provide better Tawaf facilities to the pilgrims in the country. As compare to the last ten years, the performance of the hajj is far easier for the people in these days. Hire a reputed travel agency that offers cheap hajj packages to support your hajj travel in the ease and comfort.