Short History of the Hajj Rites before Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

Hajj is one of the obligatory worship for the Muslims that must be performed once in the whole life. The Muslims from all over the world gather at the House of Allah to bow before Him to accept their sins and His Glory. Reaching the Makkah now a day is not a very difficult task. The fastest means of transportation are available in the world now to reach Makkah within hours from any part of the world. During the Hajj many of the top rated travel agencies offer cheap hajj packages that also assist the pilgrim coming to visit His House. The article is about the rites of Hajj before the time of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. this short history will provide useful information and it will also provide amazing feeling when you will be there for the performance of Hajj.

When we talk about the rites of Hajj, the life of the Prophet Ibrahim comes in our mind who constructed the House of Allah under the commandments of Al Mighty Allah. All of the rites of the hajj recall and reenactment are the noted events of the life of the Prophet Ibrahim. Prophet Ibrahim was the first person who performed the Hajj under the guidance of Allah and after His death, His sons continued to perform Hajj as per their father instructions. The basic goal of the hajj was to bow before Al Mighty Allah and ask for the forgiveness for the sins they committed in their life. As the time passed, the goal and method of these rites changed and replaced by the ignorant methods. The idol worshipping covered the whole of the nation in the Arab and the Kabah was filled with the different kinds of idols on the shelves of the Kabah. They made different kinds of paintings on the interior and exterior walls of Kabah as the part of worship.

They believed that they must bow before Allah in the way they were born. They started circling the House of Allah in the naked conditions. Because of this naked circling method and custom, the Kabah became the place like a circus for these ignorant people. They dance, whistle and clap when they see men and women circling the Kabah without clothes. The hajj performance was totally changed and all of the holy rites were forgotten by the people of Arab. The method of sacrifice was totally changed. The people used to pour the walls of Kabah with the blood and they used to hand the skins of the animals with the pillars believing that Allah need and demand all of these things.

Singing and the poetry were two major and most wanted parts of the hajj those days. The people participating hajj used to sing the songs in the praise of their chief and for the bravery of their men in the tribe. Now when you will reach the Makkah by getting some cheap hajj packages, you will feel the difference in your mind and heart.