New Visa Rules for Hajj 2016

If you are a pilgrim looking for cheap hajj packages 2016, this article will have to understand the basic rules and package guide for a perfect hajj package. You will have to pay for the transportation and the accommodation in advance by the provided guideline. Contrary to this, Saudi government will not issue the visa. You will have to take following steps regarding this matter so that the government may issue visa without any problem. Following are some of the important steps that will help you to handle this situation easily:

  • Hire a registered travel agency to complete via process with the ease and comfort. Always appoint a travel agent associated by representative travel agent in Saudi Arabia. Unregistered travel agencies are always full of hassles and does not provide an ease and comfort travel to your destination. Moreover, you cannot expect the quality services from such agents.
  • You must have pay for your transportation and accommodation in Makkah and Madina before your travel to these holy cities in your cheap hajj packages 2016. The advance payment is required to make all these arrangements prior to your arrival in the country. Your agent in Saudi Arabia is responsible to make that arrangement on the behalf of you. Making an advance payment to the unregistered travel agent will not be safe.
  • After doing all these arrangements, your agent will have to submit all these arrangement details to the Saudi Embassy as record. All these documents are submitted to the Embassy with the proof of payment. It is mandatory to show all these proofs to the Saudi government that’s why don’t believe on the person who claims to manage all these things without making advanced payment.
  • The Saudi Government will inspect all these arrangements and documents submitted and then after clear satisfaction the government will issue visa for hajj to the pilgrim.
  • After the completion of this process that takes minimum 15 days, your agency will provide necessary information about contact person, his phone number and other necessary details for the comfort stay in Makkah and Madinah.
  • Following are some of the most important documents required to approve your visa in the first attempt. Contrary to this, the visa application will be cancelled:
    • If you are unmarried adult women preparing for hajj, you will; have to provide a proof of the Mahram going with you for the performance of the hajj. Keep in the mind that unmarried women cannot perform the hajj without her blood relation or the Mahram we are not going in the detail of that.
    • International Immunization Certificate
    • Proof of advanced payment made for accommodation and transportation in the Saudi Arabia
    • A local Muslim Society Certificate is also asked as a proof that you are Muslim. You can also ask to provide some other details if your name is resembled with the non-Muslims.

A certificate of marriage for female and the birth certificate of the child if she has with her in the hajj travel.